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Company & Show Forms Guidance

The Show

Specific Show Features: Shows change during their development, however it is important that we know as much as possible about the show now. Please include as much as you can about the show including:

  • What the show is like (synopsis, style, visually, musically)
  • Number of performers
  • Type/style of music in the show – is the music live?
  • Set description
  • Writer, Director, Designer
  • Is there anything about the show that is particularly interesting? (Clever set? Famous performer?)
  • Is there anything about this show that you think is particularly suitable for people with impairments?

Menu Copy: Please provide 200-300 words of copy for our Menu. This should be written with a view to telling the local Promoter why they should put on this show in their local venue for their audience.

Shows in Development: If you are offered in the Menu, please ensure that we are kept up to date with changes that affect the marketing or technical aspects of the show. Classic issues that have arisen that we would absolutely need to know about ASAP:

  • Age range and target audience
  • Change of show title
  • Number of performers
  • Space requirements (once its in the menu, asking for a larger performance area is a huge problem for us; requiring less space can result in more bookings)
  • Script – has swearing, nudity etc crept in during the development process?!

Marketing and Print

Please read our Print & Publicity Guidelines.

Images: We will need images to help us assess your show and for the online Menu immediately (please submit with this form), then subsequently for selling the show to audiences via our website(s), What’s On Diaries, press and any other print or online opportunities:

  • Colour images. 300ppi. 10x15cm is an ideal size (1800 pixels x 1200 pixels). Ideally several images in different formats (Landscape/Portrait)

Target audiences: In our menu we categorise each show to help promoters choose which ones would work best for different audiences in their venue. Please tell us which of the following your show best suits (+ age range) however feel free to expand on this very basic information!

  • Adults/Older children (+age range): Suitable for adults attending without children and for older children;
  • Adults/Family (+age range): All ages can enjoy the show. But not for large groups of children;
  • Family (+age range): Aimed at a younger audience. Will be enjoyed by accompanying oldies!
  • Children (+age range): Particularly aimed at a young audience including “groups” of children.
  • Suitable for All.


Technical Equipment and Support: Your shows and performances should be entirely self-contained. If your show needs lights and/or sound then you should tour with them. There will rarely be any technical support at the venues although there usually is help with get-ins and get-outs and to familiarise you with the venue.

Performance areas: Tell us your IDEAL performance area (height (headroom), width & depth) and your absolute MINIMUM performance area. By performance area we mean an area required to fit everything, set and required ‘offstage’ areas.

NB: If you require a 20’ x 20’ area, only 25% of our venues can even consider booking you. If you can manage 15’ x 15’ this becomes approx 50%. (Flexibility as regards less width for more depth and vice versa can make all the difference)

Seating layout: i.e. ‘theatre’ style rows or a more informal ‘cabaret’ layout with tables and chairs (or both). The latter tends to give a different feel to the evening with a different interaction between audience and artists, to the more formal theatre style.

Finances and Expenses

Please read information about outstanding funding applications, confirmed tours and co-productions.

Inclusive price: Ideally we want an all inclusive price for the show that includes the show, all technical support, travel, accommodation and publicity.

However if you can offer a more attractive price by only including accommodation on a case by case situation then please give prices on this basis and see below re our guidlines.

Print: Print & Publicity Guidelines

Travel expenses: Should be included in the fee. On rare occasions we will agree additional travel expenses and in those situations pay a max of 30p/mile for the round trip for one vehical from base. We don’t cover the cost of getting to any subsequent non Live & local performance.

Accommodation: Live & Local does not book accommodation other than for international visitors. We will not allow promoters to provide home hospitality. If our agreement includes an occassional accommodation element for some events it will be on the basis of up to £25/head/night subject to accommodation being used and the following guidelines:

  • Performers and stage management/technical staff only.
  • Only on the night(s) after performance(s).
  • Not after the last performance of a run or after one offs, apart from for people who have further than 80 miles to travel to base.

Hospitality and Refreshments

Companies shoud tour with all their own catering requirements.

Additional Support

  • Eyes Wide Open: the NRTF Guide to Rural Touring.
  • About Live & Local: Information for artists and companies who are considering putting  themselves forward for work on the Live & Local community performance scheme.